Scotland is currently in “Phase 3” of easing lockdown restrictions. We take our guests’ wellbeing as seriously as we take your comfort, and have taken the following steps which follow and exceed Government expectations: 
  • We ask that all of our guests wear face coverings at reception, when checking in. You will find complimentary facemasks provided by us.
  • In the bar and coffee shop, our waiting staff will provide table service for all drinks and meals. If you are able to book your mealtime in advance, that would be very helpful to us.
  • Please pay by card if you can. We can accept "contactless" card payments up to £45.
  • On arrival, you will be allocated a table number for you to use, throughout your stay.
  • As our dining areas are so spacious, we are able to adhere to the social distancing advice of 2 metres.
  • We ask that our guests retire to their bedrooms, after the bar closes, to allow us to carry out a rigorous cleaning regime, before we begin breakfast service at 7am. If you plan to arrive back at our hotel, late at night, please just let us know and we will ensure a member of staff is available to meet you. 
  • There are bottles of hand sanitiser throughout our hotel. We ask that you practise good hand hygiene and avoid touching surfaces, where possible.
  • Between 10am and 11am, then between 2.30pm and 6pm, our staff will undertake enhanced cleaning in the public areas of our hotel. We ask for your patience if areas are closed for cleaning.
  • We have several toilet facilities, all of which will be managed to ensure social distancing.
  • Our lounge area is also large enough to allow 2m social distancing. We do, however, request that you wear face coverings if there are more than 6 people in the lounge. Face coverings/ masks are not required in The Broombeg Bar or restaurant.
  • Sadly, until further relaxation of COVID-19 guidance is announced, we will not be able to have our regular music sessions.
  • Usually, guests staying with us would have their rooms serviced every day (Beds made/ laundry replaced/ Tea & coffee replenished/ toiletries replaced/ bathrooms cleaned). During Phase 3, it is safest for us not to do this. However, if you need more tea & coffee/ clean mugs, etc., just put the tray outside your door. If your towels need refreshed, leave them in the laundry bag provided, again, outside your door. These will be refreshed on a daily basis, without the need for any of our staff to enter your room. Between stays, our rooms will be deep cleaned and sanitized, including antiviral air and fabric purification. This is done with a "fogging" machine, bought in specifically to ensure we adhere to the most stringent advice.
  • In addition to the procedures implemented by us, you will be required to leave contact details and details of your onward travel plans. This is in line with Scotland's Track and Trace scheme. 
If you require any further information, please contact us directly.

***Please note that guidance in Scotland is not the same as some of the guidance elsewhere in the UK. Our guidance is more cautious, but has resulted in a huge reduction in the number of COVID cases. We respectfully ask that you follow our guidance while you are here.

Detailed information can be found on the Scottish Government's website: